Laboratory System Engineering

  • Laboratory Fume Hood Exhaust Systems

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    Laboratory Fume Hood Exhaust Systems

    How to install the ventilation system of laboratory system engineering design
    I believe many people know that the importance of ventilation systems in laboratory system engineering design, a complete ventilation system, can directly protect the health and safety of laboratory environments and...
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  • Laboratory Exhaust Systems

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    Laboratory Exhaust Systems

    Common knowledge about air supply and exhaust in laboratory ventilation system Ventilation system, air supply system differences?
    Based on literal meaning, you can understand that they are used.
    1. The ventilation system includes: air supply system, exhaust system, and smoke control system.
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  • Clean Room Wall Panel Systems

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    Clean Room Wall Panel Systems

    Clean room decoration features:
    1, near the enclosure structure: the enclosure wall of the enclosure should have the habit of seismic and fire prevention capabilities. The partition wall uses a sandwich color steel plate with a thickness of 50 mm, and 0.476 mm thick gray-white flame-retardant...
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  • Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

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    Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

    1. Double-sided selection of 0.45mm steel plate automatic CNC machining, pickling phosphating, surface Epoxy spraying anti-corrosion treatment;
    2, the thickness can be selected 50,75,100mm, width 1150mm, height dimensions can be customized;
    3, the standard color is light gray white;
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  • Room Air Pressure Control

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    Room Air Pressure Control

    1. It can automatically adjust the valve switch angle according to the room pressure change to make it consistent with the set value and save energy;
    2, strong anti-interference ability to maintain the room negative pressure or positive pressure is stable and reliable;
    3, system response is...
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  • Room Negative Pressure Control

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    Room Negative Pressure Control

    The complete process of laboratory ventilation, do you understand? In the laboratory, certain harmful substances will be discharged when the research work is carried out. In order to ensure the safety of life and the purity of experimental products, a rational chemical laboratory ventilation...Read More

  • Room Positive Pressure Control

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    Room Positive Pressure Control

    Laboratory system engineering originally consisted of these
    To Da Li said that the laboratory system engineering design is not just a technology, more is a concept, the laboratory management into a new development stage. In fact, most of the reasons are also the changes in the concept of modern...
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